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Not just your average 'Fitness Fanatics'


We are not a commercial gym where the first sight to be seen is the sea of machines that come with no directions. 290 Fitness is based on a team/group workout environment, very different from the commercial gyms. We have coaches to guide you, teammates to inspire you, and workouts to change you.

We are a fitness family. We all come together under one roof with a common goal: To be as fit as we can. While different methods to the madness, everyone here works together and helps each other to find their fit. At 290 fitness, if you’re looking for it- and your working for it, you will find your STRONG. 

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The ‘madness’ behind our training method

There is a balance to finding the right FIT for you. A combination of many different lifestyle factors (and diet is a very critical piece) have to be taken into account when you ask yourself what is your fitness goal? 

At 290 Fitness, we have found and designed our fitness programs around three components of fitness that prove to have the most effect and produce results:


Cardio burns calories. Plain and simple. But the simple problem is that alone, it just can’t burn them fast enough. It is great and vital for strengthening the heart- which is a muscle itself. But to strengthen the other muscles in the body and create that burn that will increase muscle building, fat burning, and weight loss– we have to add in something else.


HIIT Training does two critical things to the body: creates shock and EPOC. The shock is the adjustment the heart must make to the constantly changing conditions of the varying exercises, increasing the body’s metabolism and EPOC, Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption. EPOC is responsible for the continued calorie burn after the workout is complete.  



Muscle is more metabolically active than fat. And you can’t blast fat with fat. More muscle will get the most ‘bang for your burn’ when it comes to training. Resistance training with weight is the fastest and most effective way to get strong fast, build muscle, and burn body fat.

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