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With so much to gain AND lose at 290 fitness, our customer’s will tell you their success stories!


290 Fitness (290 Fitness) has been life changing. I have been going there for the past 3 months (4x’s a week) and I absolutely love it!! I met with Tom and immediately I knew this was for me!! He talks to you about what to expect and what you’re in for. He is straight forward with you and that was very helpful. 

The members are all great and friendly. We are FAMILY!! I have lost about 15-17 lbs, my body has been shrinking, my clothes are a lot looser (I have to wear a belt), my legs and arms are toning up, my eating habits have changed, and the best part is the people are noticing it! The results I’ve seen have kept me motivated to keep going. I LOVE IT!! I don’t think it would have been the same if I had gone somewhere else. The membership fee is perfect and pretty low compared to other “bootcamps” or gyms. I’m glad I made the decision to do something for myself, my body, and my future. I recommend everyone to come and try it out. You have nothing to lose….besides, your first visit is FREE!!

Carmen Muniz

Houston, TX


I started working out with Tom, at the 290 Toms Fitness Camp, looking for gains. I came in at 200lbs at 6’6″ inches, basically a bean pole.

In about 6-9months with a comprehensive diet plan and great routine in a workout, I have since gained 30lbs! Tom is very inspiring, as well as, a great instructor, just when you think you are getting it down and things are getting easier, he switches it up on you and says something like, I got something new for you, lol…, it really is one of the most fantastic and energizing workouts I have had the pleasure of doing.

Whether you’re looking to lose, to gain, or just maintain, it’s all here for you. Inspiration and guidance are always there, motivation with an upbeat attitude is always there; he is exceptionally knowledgeable on what he is doing and is a pleasure to know and work out with.

John Hogan

Houston, TX


What is there not to love about Tom & his fitness camp class! The classes are amazing and keep you motivated. I enjoy that the bootcamp is outdoors in the fresh air (weather permitting). The drills that Tom has put together are truly unique and not something that is available anywhere else especially at a big box gym.

Jane Star

Houston, TX